Invoice Discounting

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Steps we follow at Invoice Discounting?

When suppliers sell goods to buyers on a large scale, they send out an Invoice or a Bill with the number of goods and the payment due date to the buyer or the wholesale dealer.

These goods are sold on credit i.e. immediate payment is not made by the buyer.

The buyer wishes to delay the credit period while the seller will seek immediate payments.

To retrieve funds, suppliers can sell the Bill to an Invoice Discounting Company.

The Company gives out an immediate amount to the buyer based on that bill, but which is slightly less than the Bill amount.

The difference in the value of the bill and the amount paid to the supplier after discounting goes to the company as discounting fees.

Features of Invoice Discounting

An Overview

Value Up to 60% to 90% of Invoice Amount
Availability of Funds Immediate
Cost of Finance Service Charge + Discount Charge as per agreement
Collateral required No

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