Buy Now Pay Later

FinClick Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) is a type of financing option that allows the potential customers to spread their payments over a relatively short period of time instead of paying upfront. BNPL is commonly known, gives customers the flexibility of raising credit, often interest-free.

Why Enterprises chooses us?

1) Increase Average Sales:

Double your overall sales with flexible credit period for buyers you serve and increase your average sales.

2) Get Merchant Discount Rate

Now save up to 2% of the merchant discount rate or bear the same to attract more buyers

3) Seamless Purchase Experience

Provide a seamless purchase experience to your buyers without the hassle of entering credit/debit card details

4) Rate By Up To 30%

Incentivise your buyers to buy more by offering an extended credit period only on your platform

Looking to increase your sales connect with us?