FinClick has a tie up with more than 150+ Retail FOREX Trading Brokers across the world that offers best solution in FOREX Trading. It’s never-ending market & has a daily trading volume of more than $6 Trillion. Our Expert Team helps you to choose a right platform, right broker & a right liquidity provider for your needs. Apart from trading needs, we also help you to find the best fund manager for personalize FOREX Trading.



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5 things to know about FOREX Trading

1. US Dollar ($) as base Currency

With global pool of traders, a participants need to trade in USD ($) as base currency, while there are few other currency pairs which are traded but in very lower denomination

2. Risk Factor & Volume

It is one of the largest OTC trading markets in the world, Similarly the trading volume & risk factor is also too high for the same.

3. Leverage

Choosing Perfect leverage help you to grow or multiply money or wealth. It is very important for traders to choose a perfect leverage in order to protect the capital against the market risk.

4. 24 hours market

Apart from being one of the largest OTC market in the world, one of the unique characteristics is that work 24 hours a day, a trader can punch in & punch out their orders anytime, anywhere

5. Liquidity

There are basically two time zone: US & EUROPEAN, in which 95% of trading happens. Hence, it is very important to choose a perfect time zone where the liquidity I more & can square off the position faster.

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